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Does Lola sell alcohol?

No as we cover such a large area with multiple councils, we do not hold a liquor licence, we happily serve any drinks you provide, this includes cocktails but needs to be discussed prior to your event.

Does Lola need power?

If power is available that is great or if you are hiring a generator for your event we can plug into that, we provide the electrical cables required, if there is no power source we can supply our own quiet generator at an additional cost of $150 per event.

Does Lola have public liability insurance?

Yes we do, however some venues, parks, beaches etc will have their own requirements, this is the responsibility of the event organiser to obtain these.

Where can Lola go?

Any fairly flat area that has relevant vehicle access, Lola is 4.65m long, 2m wide and 2.2m high and is towed by a 4WD vehicle.

What does Lola serve?

Pretty much anything, you supply it and we will serve it, some drinks such as cocktails need to be discussed prior to event and may attract additional charges.

Does Lola take away the empties?

No, unfortunately due to space inside the caravan we are unable to take the empties away however we do provide rubbish bags for these.

Does Lola travel?

Absolutely, Lola loves to travel, depending on how far we are travelling this may attract accommodation and/or travel charges.

Does Lola charge cancellation fees?

Once we have received your non-refundable deposit your date requested is all yours, therefore that day/night will become unavailable to others meaning we will not take any further bookings, if you cancel with seven days or less notice the full amount will still need to be paid.

How does Lola keep your drinks nice and cold?

Lola has two under bench refrigerators, we also supply a half wine barrel and ice to fill this, some beverages will be popped in here for guests to help themselves to, the rest will be stored in Lola’s fridges and replenished throughout your event from your chiller trailer.

Does Lola require a bond

Yes we require a $300 fully refundable bond with your final payment but please note that any breakages or damage will be deducted from your bond prior to being refunded.

Does Lola offer table service?

We prefer to serve from the bar as it encourages guests to move around and mingle however we can offer table service, this may require additional staff, we are more than happy to discuss and quote on this service if this is your preferred option.

Lola at the end of service?

When our service time comes to an end we will pack up and do a quick tidy of the surrounding area, we will return any unused beverages to the chiller trailer or pop on a table you have supplied so guests can continue, we will discuss with this with you at the time to see what you would prefer, please note that all our glassware will need to be packed up so you may want to arrange some disposable cups before the day of your event. If you have ordered a grazing table or platter from us and this is still out and unfinished we will discuss with you at the time if you would like it popped on one of your tables or put away in the chiller.
Any beverages you have supplied or grazing tables / platters you have purchased will not be removed by us from your venue, this is all yours to enjoy at a later time.

What does Lola supply?

The required number of bar staff for your event, this will usually be two professional staff members unless your guest list is below 70 and above 100
We will do the setup which includes décor and styling of the interior and nearby surrounding exterior of Lola, we usually allow ourselves one and half hours for this however some events may require a longer time please note this does not come off your service time or incur any additional costs – we simply will arrive earlier
Lola provides ice – enough to fill a half wine barrel plus a bit extra, straws, napkins & fruit infused water served from our dispensers, we also provide champagne flutes, wine glasses and tumblers.
If a grazing table or platters are purchased we will supply everything needed for these including the table and styling/decorating items.
I am always a phone call away, if possible, face to face meetings for preparation and planning and site visits.

What Lola needs you to supply

You will need to supply all alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages and mixers required for your drinks menu, this allows you to purchase direct from the liquor stores/supermarkets, allowing you to take advantage of specials and saving you a lot of money.
A chiller trailer is highly recommended, we can hold a certain amount of beverages in Lola but as we typically arrive within a few hours of your event starting this means you are able to pre-chill your drinks, meaning you will be serviced nice cold drinks throughout your event.
Appropriate vehicle access and fairly flat / level ground with enough room to set up Lola.
Prices are subject to change